Urban Shepherds

Urban Shepherds is a non profit organization promoting the grazing of sheep as a sustainable solution for managing landscaping. The benefits to the community include job creation, reducing environmental impact while lowering the cost of mowing, and producing locally grown food. Urban Shepherds also seeks to promote urban farming and increase sheep production, recruiting and training, and providing support to future shepherds.

Urban Shepherds promotes urban  grass fed lamb operations. It is our mission to educate urban and suburban residents how they can start their own for profit operations. We will help you start a program in your community, finding flocks, identifying appropriate lots for sheep, help with fundraising, assisting with zoning and permitting for sites, preparing the sites for the flocks, training staff or volunteer shepherds, and securing any needed professional shepherds to oversee projects.

Learn more about how you can make money from lamb crops and save money on land management, enhance the environment, and provide social capital by managing your open spaces and vacant lands with sheep.